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Are you new to 7 STORY CIRCUS and wondering what this whole year end June show is about?
OR maybe you’ve been with us a long while and still have questions?
We’re going to answer some of them here…


WHO: All students who take 7 Story Circus classes are involved in the June show. That’s close to 90 students performing over the course of three performances!

WHAT: It’s our big year end show! We all come together to create a show with a theme and we tell that story together, weaving all 8 classes into it! We’ll have lights, costumes, a photographer…all the things to make it a real show!

WHEN: Sunday, June 9, Doors @ 1pm, Show @ 1:30pm & Thursday June 13, Friday June 14 Doors @ 7, Show @ 7:30

WHERE: At the Lewis Centre in the gym

WHY: To have fun of course! And to build community, and to raise money towards the ever-increasing costs of running a circus. We always need new equipment & rigging, not to mention all the other countless costs it takes to run this thing we all love!

HOW: With a lot of determination and commitment! Please show up to every class. Let us know if you can’t make it to a class or performance ASAP. It’s quite likely you’re involved in a group act that needs you. Please be considerate of your fellow performers and let us know if you won’t be attending. Show up on time and ready. Wear your costume to dress rehearsal. Exercise at home. Think about your act! Visualisation is a great way to practice!


Q & A:

Q: Do all students perform in all three shows?
A: No. Only the Community Circus 2 class performs in all three shows. The Community Circus 1 Kids Class and the Aerial Arts Classes are divided up over the course of the three shows and are highlighted as the opening act! Each class has one show that they perform in. Your schedule will tell you which class performs in which show. If you’re in the Community Circus 1 Kids Class or the Aerial Classes, you’ll perform first and then, you’ll join the audience to watch the rest of the show! Stick around, it’ll be great! And you’ll participate in the final bow. It’s such a good feeling…all those people clapping for you!

Q: Why does the Community Circus 2 class perform in all three shows?
A: The Community Circus 2 class meets 2 hours per week, (3 hours per week in the spring session), and every Friday night at Open Training. They also come in for extra rehearsals on weekends as needed, and some of them also attend aerial classes during the year. This class is considered a performance-based class with lots of group work.

Q: Can I join the Community Circus 2 class?
A: Yes! You can. If you have a strong desire to work as a group and can commit to showing up to all the classes then, this class is for you. Still not sure? Talk to Kaya to see if this class would be a good fit for you.

Q: Why is there a fee for the audience to attend the show?
A: 7 Story Circus is an independent company. We rent space at the Lewis Centre to run our classes and provide all our own equipment for this program. Circus is expensive to run. Compared to the high costs of dance classes and year end shows, and even other circus schools, our prices are quite affordable and accessible. This is our year end show and it helps raise funds to keep these programs going and to put on a really great show for everyone.
Fee to attend is $20/person, $10 kids (12 & under), OR $50 Family (maximum of 2 adults/family).

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For more info about Dress Rehearsals & Shows, check the Dress Rehearsal & Show Schedule info page.


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